Kodomo no Hi 2010

May 3rd was Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) at the Japanese Cultural Center in Honolulu and 12 of HDAHF’s students performed at the event. Otsukare!

Kotohira Spring Taisai

HDAHF performed two dance pieces (Shin Fuji Musume and Men Asobi) and a shamisen piece (Nezumi Guruma) for the annual Spring Festival at Kotohira Jinsha.





Maizome 2010

HDAHF’s annual Maizome was again held at the Mission Memorial Auditorium in Honolulu on January 30, 2010. Maizome is the first performance of the new year and students, along with a few of the teachers, show off the skills they have learned over the last year.

The Shamisen Experience

On Saturday, August 22, Hanayagi Dancing Academy – Hawaii Foundation was honored to present ‘The Shamisen Experience,’ featuring Grand Master Kineya Sakichi VII along with top artists from the Kineya School of Nagauta and Shamisen Japan and HDAHF students. Most pieces were classical but there was also a special Hawaiian-Japanese fusion piece in honor of “our host culture.”

The shamisen is a traditional Japanese three-string instrument with a slender, un-fretted neck and a rounded rectangular body covered with skin to amplify the sound of the strings. Its three strings though traditionally made of silk are most often now made of nylon. The lowest string passes over a small hump at the ‘nut’ end creating a characteristic buzz known as sawari, much like the jawari sound of a sitar. One coaxes music from the shamisen with a large weighted plectrum called a bachi. More photos here.

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