Introducing… Hanayagi Mitsujyuro!

Over the winter break, Bryson (Teruo) Goda traveled to the Hanayagi headquarters in Tokyo, Japan to take his natori (master performer) examination. He returned home last week as….Hanayagi Mitsujyuro!!!!!! Omedetou gozaimasu to Mitsujyuro-sensei and to his parents, Linda and Ben Goda!!!! We are all so very proud of our newest Hanayagi natori!

Test_sign Mitsujyuro

Teaching visit by Hanayagi Tomo-sensei

In order to keep our ties to our head schools in Japan strong, HDAHF is privileged to host teachers from Japan on a regular basis. This year, Hanayagi Tomo-sensei offered private dance lessons, not only to our two students studying to take their natori tests, but also to the other students and natori of HDAHF. On Saturday, she also taught two group lessons, one to the children and one to the adults, on perfecting some of the basic movements of the Hanayagi school seen in many dances. Tomo-sensei’s attention to details, clear explanations, and precise movements were both informative and inspirational, for which we can only say, domo arigato-gozaimashita! And to all the students and natori who studied with her, otsukaresama!

Bryson, Tomo-sensei, Stacie

JCCH Children’s Day 2011

HDAHF performed at the Japanese Cultural Center’s Children’s Day festival again this year. Five of our younger dancers performed performed and there was a shamisen piece performed by two sensei and three students. Well done everyone!!

Yuuyake Koyake ~Sau Yan

Usagi to Kame ~ Miki Mei

Kaguya Hime ~ Kiyoko

Sakura Otome ~ Mayumi and Hiromi

Oimawashi ~ Kineya Sakio, Yukiko, Kenji, Akemi, Kineya Samei

Mokapu Elementary Spring Carnival

On April 2, 2011, Mokapu Elementary PTA hosted its 3rd Annual Spring Carnival located on the Marine Corps Base in Kailua and HDAHF was invited to perform.

Maizome 2011

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, the Hanayagi Dancing Academy— Hawaii Foundation put on is annual maizome, or recital, continuing a tradition that started when the school was first establish by Hanayagi Mitsuaki in 1947. Dancers and shamisen players, students and natori alike put on fabulous performances of the skills they have learned over the past year. The event was held at the Mission Memorial Auditorium in Honolulu, Hawaii and consisted of 20 dances and 4 shamisen pieces. This year, Akemi Hata and Teruo Goda received their Hisamatsu natori names: Hisamatsu Akemi and Hisamatsu Teruo. Kenji Burke was awarded a sophomore certificate for shamisen. A total of 26 performers took the stage and many other parents and natori helped out behind the scenes to make this year’s maizome a resounding success! Otsukare!       More pictures here.

Yuuyake Koyake

Oretachi no Hana

Ohana Festival 2011

Monday, January 9th was the annual Ohana Festival at the Japanese Cultural Center in Honolulu. Seven of HDAHF’s students (with the help of several parents and natori!) got dolled up and danced at the outdoor stage 🙂  More pictures here.


Autumn Festivals

HDAHF was asked to entertain at three different Autumn Festivals this season. First was Daijingu Temple of Hawaii on 9/12/2010 and later in the month at our own Kotohira Jinsha on 9/26/2010. Finally, we were asked to perform at Izumo Taisha on 10/10/2010 where we haven’t been for a few years.





Navy SEALs

July 10 – On Friday, Teruo, Erika, Sumiko, Miki Mei, and Kiyoko  performed for the Navy SEALs “Multi-Cultrual Day” event at their Pearl City headquarters. Our students performed under the bright sun for an audience of about 300 people!

Palolo Kwannon Temple Anniversary

June 27 – HDAHF students Bryson, Stacie, and Alyssa performed at the 70th Anniversary celebration luncheon of the Palolo Kwannon Temple at the Ala Moana Hotel. In 1935, Rev. Kokan Matsumoto received his training and ordination at Aira Kwannon Temple in Kumamoto. Rev. Myosei Matsumoto received her training and ordination the following year at Aira Kwannon Temple. After the death of Rev. Kokan Matsumoto in 1944, Rev. Myosei Matsumoto served the temple until the return of her son, Bishop Chiko Matsumoto in 1958. In 1959, Rev. Myosei Matsumoto passed away. From 1958, Bishop Matsumoto ministered until his death in August 1986. Rev. Eshin Matsumoto, Bishop Chiko Matsumoto’s wife, has succeeded as the fourth head priest of Palolo Kwannon Temple.

Kodomo no Hi 2010

May 3rd was Kodomo no Hi (Children’s Day) at the Japanese Cultural Center in Honolulu and 12 of HDAHF’s students performed at the event. Otsukare!

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