Maizome 2012

The Hanayagi Dancing Academy-Hawaii Foundation’s annual Maizome or first recital of the year was a great success! The performance was held on February 11, 2012 at the Mission Memorial Auditorium.

In addition to having shamisen and Nihon buyo performances by all of our current students, HDAHF was also proud to honor a few of of its students for their years of study with the Academy. The professional stage name of Hisamatsu Sumiko was bestowed on Sumiko Holmes for her achievements in dance. Senior Nihon buyo (dance) Certificates were awarded to Jill Ann Mari N. and Alyssa Erika F. Sophmore  Nihon buyo went to Sarah Chiemi H. Junior Shamisen Certificates went to Ally Akemi C. and Jill Ann Mari N. Sophomore Shamisen went to Yukiko S.

Hale Pulama Mau

HDAHF performed at Hale Pulama Mau (Kuakini Medical Center) on Sunday, January 29, 2012 for some of the long-term care residents. We performed many of the pieces from our upcoming Maizome (recital) and the audience appeared to enjoy our efforts! Thank you to Kuakini Medical Center for inviting us!


New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival 2012

As part of its New Year’s tradition, the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i rang in 2012 with its annual New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival on Sunday, January 8, 2012 . This fun-filled event featured food, crafts, entertainment and cultural demonstrations of the people who make up this island state. HDAHF performed a selection of dances and one shamisen piece!


2011 HDAHF Christmas Party

Thanks to all our friends and family who attended the annual HDAHF Christmas Party! It was great to spend time together and catch up on the last year.

Shichigosan Blessing

MAHALO to the natoris (Itsue-sensei, Mikami-sensei, Mitsuai-sensei, Mistuyasu-senseiMitsunayo-sensei, Mitsuemi-sensei, Mitsuasa-sensei), and also to our students (Teruo, Stacie, Erika, Bethany, Akemi) for assisting at Kotohira Jinsha’s Shichigosan from Oct. 17 – Nov. 20. On the last day of Shichigosan, Reverend Takizawa expressed his appreciation to all of the Hanayagi natoris and students, and Shinken Naitoh, President of the Board of Directors, presented our school with $2000. Domo arigato gozaumasu to Reverend Takizawa and Kotohira Jinsha for their very generous donation to us!!

United Japanese Society’s Memorial Service

Our principal, Hanayagi Mitsutamae-sensei represented HDAHF at the United Japanese Society’s Annual Memorial Service on Saturday, November 19 at the Honpa Hongwanji Mission on Pali Highway. This annual event is held to remember departed members. Both our Oshisho-san (Hanyagi Mitsuaki I) and Nidaime (Mitsuaki II) were recognized at the Memorial Service.

Daijingu Temple of Hawaii

On Sept. 11, 2011, Hisamatsu Akemi (odori), Kineya Sakio-sensei (shamisen), and Hanayagi Mitsutamae-sensei represented HDAHF at the Daijingu Temple of Hawaii’s Autumn Festival service in Honolulu.

4th of July Celebration Parade

On July 3, 2011, HDAHF participated in the City and County of Honolulu’s Inaugural City 4th of July Celebration Parade!

Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for your participation in the Mayor’s Fourth of July Celebration parade!!!! Our Hanayagi Dancing Academy Hawaii Foundation’s 21 member marching unit did GREAT!!!!! (It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a parade, and I can’t remember it being so much FUN!!!! I think that I was talking and laughing continuously to Mitsuemi-san next to me 🙂 )

Thank you to:

  • Craig Nakahara – For getting our attractive banner! I’m sure that we will use it for many other events!
  • Reverend Takizawa and Irene – For allowing us to get ready and have our “after parade” zippack meal at the shrine.
  • Itsue-sensei – For having her relatives cut (from Pali Hwy.) and deliver the bamboo stalks for our Tanabata sasa.
  • Mitsuai-sensei – For organizing the origami folding for the sasa and for the yummy snacks…and marching too.
  • Bryson (our Hanayagi Zippy’s guy) – For ordering the zippacks and pies..and marching too.
  • Mikami-sensei – For picking up our meal, even if she didn’t walk with us.
  • Stacie – For making the bus arrangements, helping to care for Jaeden, and marching too.
  • Paul and Clark – For being our banner carriers – you dads represented our school well – right up front!
  • Judy and Kaitlyn – Our youngest student with her mom! The crowd loved little Sau Yan’s continuous wave!
  • Kris, Dorthea, and Katherine – Such a great family to have with us!
  • Yuki, Katie, and Jill – You folks were our pretty young ladies that the crowd kept taking pictures of!
  • Masa – Yeah…you made it!!!! Even with mask that the little children in the crowd loved:) We missed you after at the shrine.
  • Kristi and little Jaeden – Thank you for joining us! Jaeden was a trooper – even with the long wait!
  • Jensen – For taking pictures along the parade route of our group.
  • Mitsuemi-sensei – For being next to me and reminding me to – not “bunch up” to Mari:)

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we had to wait for 2 hours at DeRussy. (I followed the instructions too well;)

Again, Minasama…Domo Arigao Gozimaishita!!!!!

Hanayagi Mitsutamae


More 4th of July Celebration Parade pictures

JCCH Children’s Day 2011

HDAHF performed at the Japanese Cultural Center’s Children’s Day festival again this year. Five of our younger dancers performed performed and there was a shamisen piece performed by two sensei and three students. Well done everyone!!

Yuuyake Koyake ~Sau Yan

Usagi to Kame ~ Miki Mei

Kaguya Hime ~ Kiyoko

Sakura Otome ~ Mayumi and Hiromi

Oimawashi ~ Kineya Sakio, Yukiko, Kenji, Akemi, Kineya Samei

Mokapu Elementary Spring Carnival

On April 2, 2011, Mokapu Elementary PTA hosted its 3rd Annual Spring Carnival located on the Marine Corps Base in Kailua and HDAHF was invited to perform.

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