Kodomo no Hi – Keiki Fun Fest 2012

On  April 29, HDAHF performed at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i as part of the Kodomo no Hi – Keiki Fun Fest. The courtyard stage was quite blustery – but all of the dancers kept dancing despite the winds :)Thank you to Mitsuemi-sensei for taking care of the forms with JCCH, Mitsuai-sensei, Mikami-sensei and Samei-sensei for dressing our students and to all of our loyal parents and grandparent (Mitsuasa-sensei) who supported their children!

Domo arigatougozaimasu!
Hanayagi Mitsutamae

Sakazuki – Kineya Saritsu and Hanayagi Mitsujyuro

Sakazuki-goto is a ritual of exchanging sake cups as a means of pledging loyalty. On Sunday April 29, 2012, the natori of both the Hanayagi and Kineya schools gathered at Natsunoya Teahouse to welcome the newest members of their artistic families. Kineya Saritsu (Alyssa Erika Fujihara) and Hanayagi Mitsujyuro (Bryson Teruo Goda) both recently took their shiken (test) to receive their natori names and this ceremony officially welcomed them into the schools as a sister and brother to all the other members.

Spring Taisai 2012

HDAHF perfomed at Kotohira Jinsha’s annual Spring Thanksgiving or Taisai festival on April 15, 2012. Hanayagi Mitsujyuro and Jill M. danced for the guests and Kineya Sakio sang while Kineya Samei accompanied him in the shamisen. This year, the Kotohira Jinsha also gave an education scholarship to our own Bryson G. as well as to three other university students. This is the first year they have offered scholarships! Domo arigatogozaimasu!