Palolo Kwannon Temple Anniversary

June 27 – HDAHF students Bryson, Stacie, and Alyssa performed at the 70th Anniversary celebration luncheon of the Palolo Kwannon Temple at the Ala Moana Hotel. In 1935, Rev. Kokan Matsumoto received his training and ordination at Aira Kwannon Temple in Kumamoto. Rev. Myosei Matsumoto received her training and ordination the following year at Aira Kwannon Temple. After the death of Rev. Kokan Matsumoto in 1944, Rev. Myosei Matsumoto served the temple until the return of her son, Bishop Chiko Matsumoto in 1958. In 1959, Rev. Myosei Matsumoto passed away. From 1958, Bishop Matsumoto ministered until his death in August 1986. Rev. Eshin Matsumoto, Bishop Chiko Matsumoto’s wife, has succeeded as the fourth head priest of Palolo Kwannon Temple.

Chinowa/Pet Blessing 2010

On June 6th, Kotohira Jinsha had it’s annual Pet Blessing and Chinowa Festival. Since the Jinsha has so many ties to us, many HDAHF teachers and students were on hand to help out with preparations, blessings, and selling omamori, or charms 🙂 We saw lots of cute dogs and cats, plus some birds, bunnies, hamsters, lizards, and even a (plush) unicorn! After getting blessed, visitors could not only buy refreshments for themselves but they also could pick up things like chicken flavored shave ice for their four-footed friends.